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Who Are We?

Homes of Hope was a non-profit organisation formed by a small group of volunteers who wanted to do something to help make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS.

In South Africa, children who have been abandoned or orphaned because of HIV/AIDS barely manage to survive in their crumbling mud huts which provide little protection from the elements. Without a breadwinner they are often forced to sell their bodies in exchange for food and shelter, and the spectre of rape looms constantly over them. With no one to care for them these children have little hope for the future and many of them can only look forward to a life filled with pain and suffering.

Working closely with God's Golden Acre, Homes of Hope volunteers aimed to help build a better tomorrow for these children by building them a new home. Click on Our Mission for more details.

Please click on Project Update for information on how our project went.

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Homes of Hope is a non-profit organisation working in association with God's Golden Acre

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